The Kohler Public Library staff is excited to offer our 1st Annual Adult Reading Challenge during the  2015 calendar year.  During the Year of the Presidents, purchase we are challenging our adult partons to read at least 8 books throughout the year about the US Presidents.

Read one book a month about (or written by) one of the 44 US Presidents.  Let us know after each book you finish and you will be entered into a monthly drawing.


  • Keep track on the provided sheet and let us know your completed titles
  • To be eligivle for the monthly drawing patrons must have read (or listened to) a book about a US President and turn the title in to library staff.
  • The title must be a title not previously submitted
  • Title must be completed during the month of entry.
  • Please ask staff for reading suggestions.
  • There will be a drawing at the end of the year for those who have read at least 8 books throughout the year.