Free Sites

Roots Web A part of Ancestory, but totally free, no need to login.  Tons of great links.  A great place to start.

World Connect Project Another part of Ancestory that is free.  Let’s you link up with existing family trees that people have posted.  A great place to go to fill in the gaps on your tree, and share the information that you have found.

The USWebGen Project This site provides links to free resources in the US.  Very well organized.  A good site to have bookmarked.

Geni Free Family Tree Builder.  This is social media friendly.  It lets you link into your Facebook account.  Very easy to use.

My Heritage Free Family Tree Builder.  A very well-organized tree builder.  You work off line then upload your tree so that others can search for it.  Very easy to use.

Subscription Sites A subscription site, arguably the best out there.  You can get a free trial month.  My advice is to get all of your information together, take the free month and try to get it all done at once.  Having your family tree mostly intact on Geni or MyHeritage ahead of time will be helpful.

YOUR FAMILY TREE Here is a brief Power Point presentation that I did for the middle school  The subject is Starting Your Family Tree.